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  • L'Insolente —

    L'Insolente —

    Revue insolente pour âmes errantes en temps de crise.

  • Maddie Weigelt

    Maddie Weigelt

    Editor at Slackjaw. Writings on McSweeney’s, Slackjaw (obviously), The Weekly Humorist, The Belladonna, Points In Case. https://maddieweigelt.wixsite.com/hello

  • Kristen Tsetsi

    Kristen Tsetsi

    Novelist, THE AGE OF THE CHILD & others. Former adjunct prof, journo, cab driver, etc. Co-host, ChildfreeGirls podcast. https://kristenjtsetsi.com

  • Bérénice Roubaud

    Bérénice Roubaud

  • Isabella Dillman

    Isabella Dillman

    Comedy Writer and Performer

  • Aaron Atkins

    Aaron Atkins

    Comedian & Writer with credits at Second City, Laugh Factory, and Tru TV

  • Sarah James

    Sarah James

    sarah is an editor at slackjaw. her writing has appeared in reductress, splitsider, the toast, and more. thesarahjames.com

  • Amanda Brennan

    Amanda Brennan

    Writer, plant-owner, snowflake :( Follow me @amanduhbrennan

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